Medicine and Medical Treatment Robot VS-050S2

A robot dedicated to pharmaceutical and medical treatment operations in sterilized environments such as clean rooms. It is mainly used at manufacturing plants for pharmaceutical products, food products, semiconductors, etc. To maintain a high level of cleanliness, a variety of schemes were devised to even out all level differences and fill the gaps to achieve a sleek surface finish that doesn't accumulate dirt and is easy to clean. Merging the pursuit of function and multi-dimensional design, we were able to produce a robot that can adapt to environments where conventional robots cannot enter. By performing high-risk work on behalf of humans such as preparing toxic medicines, this robot serves to protect user health and safety, as well as reduce cost and maintain the quality of pharmaceutical products through significant automation of the production line.

German Design Award Special Award 2015
Good Design Award Grand Award 2014

Designer: Orikasa Gen

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