Operation Assisting Device iArmS

An assisting device to control shaking fingers by supporting the surgeon’s arm to make delicate operation steady, such as suture and ablation. The robot arm smoothly follows the doctors’s arm motions as if empathizing with the doctor’s intentions, and automatically stops when no longer needed. It improves work precision and reduces fatigue, since the doctor can give undivided attention to hand techniques and leave the arm balancing to the robot. During the unprecedented product development, a considerable number of surgical operation observations and doctor interviews were conducted to painstakingly analyze and develop numerous prototypes. In the design, the concept of move, stop, at will was developed with the aim of maximizing the doctor’s concentration on the surgery. The goal was exceptional maneuverability to move at one’s will, like a part of one’s body.

Good Design Award, Design for the Future Award 2015
Designer: Orikasa Gen

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