Medical Treatment Robot Novelties

Novelty goods were created to commemorate the winning of the Good Design Grand Award for the VS-050S2 Medicine and Medical Treatment Robot. Bookmarks were selected to memorialize the award and serve as an inspiration to move forward to the next level. With a form that changes its impression depending on the angle of view, variations were created to provide choices for one’s favorite look. Two kinds of materials were used. The felt bookmark expresses the look of the robot in the exhibition case and evokes a celebratory mood from its paper mount similar to festive chopsticks. The metallic bookmark uses the same feel of metallic mirror finish characteristic of robots. Moreover, the packaging is based on the concept of a medicine envelope to express the role of the robot for medicine and medical treatment.

Designers: Kanda Yuko, Morishita Naoko, Tanaka Naoko, Miyai Chihiro

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