AT30Q handheld barcode scanner

This 2-D code scanner reads QR codes printed on products, coupons, and other items. Codes can be read by touching the tip of the reader to the code, which is difficult to do with general 2-D code scanners. Users familiar with contact reading from using barcode scanners can transition to this scanner without losing their feel for operation. The cutout section at the tip makes it easy to visually recognize codes even when performing contact reading and the parallel lines running along the sides of the head indicate the reading direction, so codes can be captured precisely. In addition, the design also considers the action of picking up a scanner placed on a desk by naturally sliding the fingers under the scanner while not stressing the wrist, so the scanner is easy to use throughout a series of operations.

2016 iF Design Award
Good Design Award 2016
Designer: Hoshida Hiroki

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