Perception-Experience Research

Sensory awareness was created as a concept with the themes of “container”, “time”, and “sound”. The two values of “black premium” and “white premium” create the space.

Designers: Miyachi Yoshiharu, Suzuki Teruhito, Kasai Hiroshi

Container (black premium)
Enjoy not only taste, but also the sights of color and space. The scenery and alcohol blend together in reflections on the decanter lid and glass stand to give you a taste of the space.

Container (white premium)
The containers provide a palatable sense of ease with each cup. In addition to the tactile feel of earthenware, the refreshing sound of the pull-tab being opened echoes throughout the space.

Sound (black premium)
A mono speaker is placed in a room that shuts out the outside world. All sensation is focused only on the sound that passes through the space.

Sound (white premium)
With this headphone stand, you can continue listening to music that you were listening to outdoors on headphones through a speaker in the house, so you can enjoy your music without interruption. Retaining the free spirit you felt outside and bringing it into the home ties the spaces together.

Time (black premium)
This device notifies you of time when you are alone. The square ring slowly drops down the perpendicular bar, and when the ring touches the stand, the sound of metals contacting can be heard. Time stands still in space.

Time (white premium)
Time graduations come to the surface in response to touch, so that time appears in space.

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