Meter for Trucks and Buses for Hino Profia, Ranger, and S’elega

Meter built in the Hino Profia, Ranger, and S’elega. We aimed to balance both safety and good tailoring that make a professional driver proud. Omitting the ring section of the speed tachometer, printing the finishing touches, and increasing the diameter of the meter ring leaves an impression of high quality. To convey lane keep assist, autonomous cruise control, and other advanced safety functions in an easy-to-understand manner, the upper center display uses a gradated presentation with a sense of depth similar to the view outside the vehicle for emphasis.


Creative Directotr: Matsui Hiroki
Art Director: Ikoma Tomoki, Takemasa Tomoyuki
Designers: Nohara Masafumi, Tobita Yuka, Toda Keisuke

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