Next-generation shared-space VR: Future Tech Lab

Creation of Denso's original VR content. Attractions that can be experienced with family and friends were developed using a next-generation, shared-space VR system. The story starts from a real world laboratory. Participants move from the laboratory to a virtual space filled with majestic nature. Through an adventure on a vehicle, participants develop a deeper understanding of the three technologies that support the latest generation of cars: automatic operation, electrification, and connectivity. By making the most of the special features of the latest forms of VR, such as the ability to touch items and walk around freely in virtual space, a large number of ways to generate surprises and smiles were included in the short experience. While maintaining a balance between learning and playing, the experience was carefully designed down to the fine details, including the simplification of technical presentations and game characteristics.

Designers: Gen Origasa

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