Accidental-acceleration control system

This is a genuine Toyota safety device that can be retrofitted. It controls acceleration and reduces the damage of accidents, even when suddenly moving towards an obstacle by accident. (This system is simply a function to assist driving. While acceleration is controlled, this is not a function to stop automatically. )
The design considers both the "ease of normal driving" and the "ease of recognition of emergencies". The height of the case is limited so that it does not obstruct the field of vision during normal driving, and colors and texture were selected to blend with the instrument panel. Care was taken with the guided user interface (GUI) so that the display content can be understood instantly during an emergency, and the eye is guided to places that must be viewed by the characteristic molding that surrounds the GUI.
Furthermore, intuitive and simple operation was sought for cases in which the system will be stopped temporarily. Arranging a large switch on the top of the case provides a sense of security because the switch can be pressed instantly simply by extending the hand.

Good Design Award 2019
Project Manager: Ikoma Tomoki
Project Leader: Oyama Koji
Designers: Nankaku Masaki

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