IXI was developed as a VR demonstration to experience the user interface / user experience (UI/UX) of automatically operated rideshare mobility.
The themes were “Invisible UI”, an interface that anticipates user behavior so that operation is completed without thought, and “Individual UX”, which guarantees personal privacy and pleasantness of space even during a rideshare. The VR demonstration provides a physical experience to feel through the five senses of vision, smell, sound, temperature sensation, and vibration.
The more realistic body sensations enable a discussion of the state of future mobility, not only for the automotive industry but also for service business.

Project Manager: Miyachi Yoshiharu
Designers: Yoshioka Yuki, GAULTIER MULOT, CLEMENT LE LAY, Sato Shohei, Ota Tomoe
Programmer: Haruyama Takeshi

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