The importance of confirming the normal operation of systems is increasing in importance in the rapidly developing field of autonomous driving technology.
In Japan, there currently is no fault diagnosis equipment that can handle the high-capacity Ethernet data of the next generation of vehicles with autonomous driving functions. By promptly developing fault diagnosis equipment for the next generation of vehicles, Denso, a developer of autonomous driving technology, contributes to the realization of a safe and secure motorized society that is able to enjoy accident-free and comfortable mobility. Also, the need for fault diagnosis is expected to expand broadly over the automotive field, which includes not only dealerships and repair shops, but also used-car dealers and gas stations. That is why Denso designed this product to be a friendly and reliable tool for many users, from conventional mechanics in specialized professional use to general users.

Good Design Award 2019
Project Manager: Ikoma Tomoki
Project Leader: Okamoto Akira
Designers: Nankaku Masaki

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