Technology Video (DESO MaaS)

Technology Video (What DENSO can do to reduce CO2 emissions)

With “DENSO Maas”, storyboards and copywriting were created to convey in an easy-to-understand way how the distribution of goods and movement of people will change in the future. The future illustrations drawn by DENSO proactively use friendly Japanese-style icons such as chefs of high-end Japanese cuisine, bullet trains, and Mount Fuji to reveal the warmth in the extensions of everyday life, not cold cities of the future. “What DENSO can do to reduce CO2 emissions” employed techniques such as a pop-up book that matches well with a sense of craft. Difficult technology is conveyed plainly by the pages of the book turning each time the topic changes. Both works were screened in 2019 at exhibitions such as Auto Shanghai, the International Motor Show Germany, and the Tokyo Motor Show.

Creative Director: Brand Promotion Department

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