ECU for motorcycles

Because motorcycles have many exposed parts, riders want not only improvements in fuel consumption and mobility, but also good aesthetics, and are obsessive about individual parts.
ECUs will be even more important due to the advancements of AI, connectedness, and other motorcycle technology, so we strove for a shaping that has suitable brand appeal for an advanced ECU.
To symbolize the "core", which processes various information and controls the bike, the polyhedron configuration represents information being collected as it moves towards the center.
Furthermore, to give the impression that information is moving, we added variation to the surface processing so that the reflection of natural light changes according to the angle.
From a functional perspective as well, we used the polyhedron shape to make it thinner while keeping its strength, which improved mounting and reduced weight*.

*About 10 g less compared to the existing model

Good Design Award 2020
Art Director: Sato Shohei
Designer: Kanda Yuko

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