Diversification of production parts, shrinking delivery times, and personnel shortages are increasing demands to streamline operations at manufacturing sites.
Because Denso used and automated the manufacturing knowledge it developed through its automobile part manufacturing, the D-Series realizes immediate improvements in productivity.
Denso aimed for modularity in the basic shape of the constructed square body, which suggest free recombination and flexibility, and amazingly simple introductions and start-ups and the flexibility for changes in production parts can be understood intuitively.
Also, we included parts with bolt holes that can be freely used to encourage improvements, such as users installing parts and jigs independently.
The graphic film common to the entire D-Series supplies both a sense of unity and helps prevent scratches and stains.
The graphics of the graduated undertone stands for the idea of Denso mixing in with the worksite and helping raise manufacturing standards together with the customer.

Good Design Award 2020
Project Manager: Ikoma Tomoki
Project Leaders: Okamoto Akira, Hoshida Hiroki
Designers: Nankaku Masaki, Nakano Kei

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