This is a cherry-tomato harvesting robot for large-scale gardening facilities.
Recently, the number of farm workers has decreased, so this automated harvesting robot helps deal with the labor shortage.
Because the robot harvests near working people, we developed an appearance that recognizes the cooperation of people and robots.
The soft, stretched surface configuration and the smooth, full shaping reduce the sense of intimidation and eliminate to the utmost extent the division of parts on which drops of water and stains collect.
The direction-of-travel indicators are graphics that suggests the eyes of the robot, which creates an impression that conveys fondness, as if the robot is expressing its intentions.
Because we expect that there will be developments for various crops in the future, the robot is highly versatile due to its modular configuration.
Denso's agricultural robot was developed with specific features. The drive section is gray to prevent staining, and the control section has a sense of cleanliness. Moreover, the pearl tone, which makes it easy to see the shape of the surface, changes in color, even with natural light. Target Regions : Japan
Good Design Award 2020
Project Manager: Ikoma Tomoki
Project Leaders: Kawahara Yuji
Designers: Kanda Yuko, Kim Jihye

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