This is a portable refrigerator/freezer to deliver cold and frozen goods. The e-commerce market has expanded rapidly in recent years. There are vehicles that use dry ice to keep goods cool during the last mile of delivery, and adequate temperature management and more environmentally friendly delivery methods are in demand.
Using a mobile battery for power and separating the cooling function from the refrigerator vehicle eliminates the use of dry ice and reduces CO2 emissions. We used a unit configuration that can handle cooling boxes of various shapes and sizes to enable delivery by motorcycles, bicycles, and other non-conventional refrigerated vehicles. By doing so, we optimized high-quality temperature management and delivery while adapting to the expansion and diversification of delivery methods.
During the design phase, we conceived of conventional, highly specialized, low-temperature control product delivery that can be handled anytime, by anyone, anywhere. From there, we worked to realize an external shape and operational display that allow the user to perceive the easy-to-understand and simple handling and a weight that presumes portability.

Good Design Award 2021
Project Manager: Mori Toshifumi
Project Leader: Kawahara Yuji
Designers: Kanda Yuko, Akiyama Kohei, Hoshida Hiroki

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