Puremie is a product that offers an in-vehicle space that gives peace of mind to passengers and staff in taxis and on buses during the COVID-19 era. To create a comfortable in-vehicle space, it cleans the air in a vehicle while accurately conveying the state of cleanliness.
We developed an air quality monitor that displays the air conditions by 6 levels, so the occupants can see the air quality at a glance. To reduce anxiety, an air quality index is provided, and the blue gradations employed for the display were based on the image of the air becoming clear. Installing the air quality monitor and air purifier in the center and rear of the ceiling, respectively, maintains the visibility of the monitor and the rear view of the driver (in the case of JPN TAXI). In addition, an independent switch installed in front of the driver enables airflow adjustments to suit the in-vehicle conditions. A high-precision filter and a powerful fan are installed to achieve the cleaning performance needed to handle very frequent embarking and disembarking. Evaluation by a third party(*1) verified that 99.99% or more of viruses were removed. So that the occupants do not feel intimidated by its presence, the product was designed with a round shape and colors, materials, and finishes that blend with the vehicle interior, which minimize the impact of the product.
*1. Refer to the press release for testing methods.

Good Design Award 2021
Project Manager: Ikoma Tomoki
Project Leader: Okamoto Akira
Designers: Nakano Kei, Akiyama Kohei

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