COBOTTA PRO 1300/900

COBOTTA PRO is a collaborative robot that ensures the peace of mind and safety of workers on the same production line while working with high speed and high precision.
The aging of workers and severe labor shortage in recent years have increased the need for a collaborative robot that can simply replace workers.
Conventional collaborative robots have safety concerns that make high-speed operation difficult, so they do not improve productivity. However, the COBOTTA PRO has our independently developed compact motors with built-in torque sensors in its joint sections, so it achieves best-in-class productivity.
With an arm shape that considers weight balance during operation, and a surface that feels safe yet firm, we designed a robot that impresses with the high speed and high precision unique to Denso.

Project Manager: Mori Toshifumi, Ikoma Tomoki
Project Leader: Kanda Yuko, Kawahara Yuji
Designers: Akiyama Kohei, Nakano Kei

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